Senior Cycle

We offer the Leaving Certificate Applied and the Leaving Certificate Established courses for our 5th & 6th Year students.

Leaving Certificate Established

Students choose an average of seven subjects, which must include Irish, English and Mathematics. Additionally, all students have classes in PE, RE and Career Guidance. Students with the qualifying subjects can also select the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme as an additional subject.

Core Subjects- English, Irish, Mathematics, Career Guidance, Physical Education and Religious Education

Optional Exam Subjects- Accounting, Agricultural Science, Applied Mathematics, Art, Biology, Computer Science, Chemistry, Construction Studies, Economics, Engineering, French, German, Geography, History, Home Economics, LCVP, Music, Physics, Technology, Physical Education.

You can access more information about the Leaving Certificate Programme from the NCCA at the following link:

Leaving Certificate Applied

The Leaving Certificate Applied programme is a two-year programme aimed at preparing students for adult and working life.

The programme sets out to recognise the talents of all students and to provide opportunities for developing personal responsibility, self-esteem and self-knowledge and helps students apply what they learn to the real world.

Courses are offered in three main areas: Vocational Preparation; General Education; and Vocational Education.


The assessment takes place on the completion of modules, and there is also a final examination in each of the following areas:

  • English and Communication
  • Two vocational specialisms
  • Mathematical Applications
  • Language
  • Social Education

Students who successfully complete the programme are awarded a Leaving Certificate from the Department of Education and Science. The certificate is awarded at three levels: Pass; Merit; and Distinction.

We cannot wait to see what our 6th Year Class of 2024 go on to achieve!

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Leaving Certificate Success 2023

The Leaving Certificate results for the year 2023 have once again affirmed our belief in the power of hard work and perseverance. Our students' exceptional performances are a testament to the countless hours of study, the unwavering support of teachers, families, and friends, and the pursuit of excellence in every endeavor. From achieving top grades to showcasing comprehensive subject mastery, these results underscore the dedication and resilience that our students embody.

As we celebrate their achievements, we also extend our heartfelt gratitude to the staff, families, and friends who have played an instrumental role in shaping the journeys of these outstanding individuals. Together, we celebrate not just excellent Leaving Certificate results, but the promise of a brighter future driven by knowledge, ambition, and a passion for making a difference.

LC's 2023 Results Day

Aug 26
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Aug 28
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