Academic Assessment & Progression

Academic Assessment and Progression


Target grades

We encourage all our students to achieve their full potential in every aspect of their education, including fulfilling their academic potential. In conjunction with our guidance department, class tutors and their teachers, 2nd to 6th year students will be asked to set grade targets for each subject over the course of the academic year. These targets will be reviewed during the year. In the case of 6th year students, these targets also include their CAO points target.

The school is using an academic tracking software to track student progress and creates a baseline potential in each subject in each exam. This baseline is based on a statistical model using the exam results of all of the previous results of students on the software.

The purpose of the software is to highlight when a student’s performance falls below this potential and may need further support so that whenever a student falls below their potential in any subject, the teacher receives an alert and can investigate what is going on with the student and whether any additional support or intervention is required. Thus ensuring no student gets missed in a very busy school system.

3rd Year and 6th Years

3rd years and 6th years will be engaging in formal assessments in Term-1 in November and Term-2 mock examinations.

3rd year students will also have Classroom Based Assessments in most subjects. A calendar of CBA’s will be given to all students.

6th years will have orals, project work and assignments for various subjects throughout the year. A calendar of assignments will be given to students when the State Examinations Commission has confirmed dates.

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