A day in the Life of a Coláiste Chiaráin Student

A day in the life of a First Year student.

By Alice Caiffa.

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Hello. My name is Alice and I’m a first Year student. I’d like to tell you what a typical day in school is like for me.

Each morning I arrive at school, bright and early, at 8:30! It's very busy at that time of day. The students who arrive earlier than me are having breakfast at the canteen and others are busy at their lockers or chatting to friends. I go straight to my locker and organise my books for my morning classes. At 8.50, class begins.

At 10.50 we have our break and again I go to my locker to organise my books. Our books are quite heavy and it's nice to have somewhere to leave them during the daytime.

At 13.05 we have lunch break and at this time I go to the canteen and I usually get a roll but they also have hot meals. I use the school fob to pay for my food and I can also use it for the vending machine if I want a snack when the canteen is closed. The fob is very handy because money can be added to it at home and as a result I don't have to remember to bring money to school. The grounds and school are really lovely and my friends and I really enjoy eating our lunch outside.

When the bell rings at 13.40, I go straight to class. Our classes are an hour long, and I have a different teacher for every subject. I love that we get to move around between classes instead of sitting down for 6 hours, like I did in primary school. In Coláiste Chiaráin I have the opportunity to try lots of different subjects before choosing which ones to study for Junior Cycle. At the moment I am really enjoying Home Economics and German.

Class finishes at 15:40. I go to my locker and collect the books that I will need for homework. I'm really looking forward to starting the extracurricular activities that will begin shortly after school. I have signed up for football, volleyball, basketball, debating, and public speaking. I'm going to be busy!

One of the things I love about the school is that I am given an opportunity to use technology. I have chrome books for use in class. I have a student email and I can do my homework on google classroom. My homework takes me between 1 to 1.30 hours in the evening.

Overall, I'm enjoying being a first year student. Everything is new, it's very busy but lots of fun. I'm really glad that I chose to come here.

A day in the life of a Fifth Year student.

By Antoni Wawrzyniak.


Hi, my name is Antoni and I am in 5th year. This is how a typical school day goes for me!

At around 7 o'clock I wake up, I like to have some time to crawl out of bed! After I have fully woken up I check the classes I have for the day. I like to make sure that I have the books that I need in my bag and all of my homework completed for the day ahead. I always do my homework the night it was given so I don't have to stress about work piling up. I eat breakfast, my favourite meal, and then I leave the house and head to school.

My brother and I both go to Colaiste Chiarain so we have a nice chat on our way to school. In the mornings I usually meet one of my friends from 6th Year. We have a talk about the previous day and sometimes I get some advice for next year.

When I get to school I head towards my locker but I always end up getting stopped by someone I know! Usually we talk for a while, about after school activities or what we had for dinner! When I eventually get to my locker I get all my books for the first two classes. When the first bell rings, 5 minutes before class starts, I make my way to my classroom. There, I take my books out, chill for a few minutes and mentally prepare myself for the day ahead. After class ends I swiftly make my way to the next class, as I don't want to be late. The school is big but it's easy to make your way around.

Since I'm in fifth year I study seven exam subjects. This helps me focus on subjects that spark my interest and appeal to me as possible areas of study in the future. Now that I'm studying for the Leaving Cert my teachers are always there to help me achieve my goals and manage my time while also enabling me to take responsibility for my own education. Independence is encouraged while support is always available.

After the first two classes I have my morning break. I have 15 minutes to switch my books for the next classes and eat something small to keep me going for a while. I usually sit either in the general purpose area or, if the weather is nice, outside - but it is Ireland so we can't expect too much!

After break I make my way to my next class. Between classes I have a couple of minutes to have a bit of craic with my friends, ask a teacher a question about class or even just have a chat about last night’s match!

After the second set of classes I have my lunch break. I usually go to my locker, get my books for the last classes, get my lunch and go outside to either play football or relax and eat some food. On the days when I don't make my own food at home I go to the canteen where I can buy some really nice lunches. Lunch Break is a great time to relax or get involved in some of the extra curricular activities that are taking place.

After lunch I have the last set of classes. School finishes at 3:40 so then I grab all the books that I need to complete my homework and I take the bus home. I spend an average of two to three hours on my homework. Even though I have fewer subjects to study as a senior cycle student I find that the work is more in depth and therefore more challenging than Junior Cycle. However, I am studying the subjects that I have an interest in and that makes all the difference.

Fifth Year in any school can be difficult, but with all of the resources and support available to me in Coláiste Chiaráin I find that I am enjoying it. It is indeed a challenge but it is one that I’m embracing as I work towards preparing for my future.

Brothers Ryan & Conor Minagh - 6th Year

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Being a 6th year student and having experienced the new and old building I think the best part of the school has always been how welcoming it's been. The staff are very helpful and there is a great atmosphere around the school. The classrooms have great learning environments and make everyone enjoy learning. The new facilities of the school have been a much welcome addition and have allowed me to progress further with my education. I feel the school has helped me massively in setting myself up for the future - Conor Minagh.

I am a 6th year student and am on the Leaving Certificate Applied course. I enjoy lots of subjects on this course. I love art because I can let my creativity wander. I enjoy English and Office because they are not too stressful.

I really like all of my teachers. They always help me if I’m confused about assignments. Also, during breaktime many of the teachers and staff come up to me just to have a chat. I really enjoy that. I love all of the SNA’s in Colaiste Chiarain. They are kind and always look out for me and for others.

I am a wheelchair user and I love the school because of how easy it is to get around. I love being able to access every room in the school. I especially enjoy the Art Room, Home Economics Room and Science Labs. The tables in those rooms are easy for me to use, which means that I don’t have to rely on the table on my wheelchair. I can also access the cooker in the Home Economics kitchen and this allows me to cook alongside my classmates. The grounds of the school are great also. All of the paths and walkways are wheelchair accessible and so it’s easy for me to get around outside and enjoy the fresh air and beautiful landscape.

I really like being a student here. In this school you can make new friends and mingle with students from other schools. I have made some nice friends and I am very happy in Colaiste Chiarain - Ryan Minagh.

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